Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Akhir-akhir ini lagi suka banget dengerin dua lagu ini... Entahlah.. Remind me of something, maybe? T_T *Eh
A Little Too Not Over You-David Archuleta...Maybe I regret everything I saidNo way to take it all back, yeahNow I'm on my own, how I let you goI'll never understand..
Tell me why you're so hard to forgetDon't remind me, I'm not over itTell me why I can't seem to face the truthI'm just a little too not over you..

Wanna download it here? :)
Wipe Your Eyes - Maroon 5..But if I let you go, where you gonna go?
We gotta make it change, time to turn the page
Something isn't right I don't wanna fight you

Hey you, come over and let me embrace you
I know that i'm causing you pain too but
Remember if you need to cry
I'm here to wipe your eyes..

Tonight before you fall asleep
I'll run my thumb across your cheek
Cry 'cause i'm here to wipe your eyes
I know I made you feel this way
You gotta breathe, we'll be okay
Cry 'cause i'm here to wipe your eyes..

Here to download the song. :)
I'm happy. free. confused. lonely. at the same time..  -Taylor Swift